About Us

Our mission is to bring you all natural gourmet pesto sauce made from garden fresh basil infused with the finest pure olive oil, classic parmesan cheese and other high quality ingredients, which makes preparing food for busy lives incredibly healthy and easy.

We support our local farmers, who supply our basil, when in season. In fact, Romarsi has entered into a partnership with St. Benedict’s School in Newark, New Jersey, to supply us with basil during the year. The students grow basil on site and are excited to be part of our pesto family. Non-seasonal basil is supplied by the freshest sources available at the time. Pesto – the “other” sauce.

Many people are not familiar with pesto, and Romarsi would like to change that. There’s the red sauce (tomato), the white sauce (Alfredo) and finally the green sauce – pesto. Now the flag of Italy is complete! If you’re tired of the same “red” sauce, it’s time to make it green – make it pesto. Kids will love it, too. Romarsi’s all natural Pesto To Go is perfect as an appetizer or main entrée. The choices are infinite – pasta, chicken, seafood, rice, pizza, vegetables, crusty bread, etc. It’s great to use as a spread on panini’s and wraps or mixed in cream cheese with a bagel. Soups and party dips come alive with a dollop of pesto. Try some layered between tomatoes and fresh mozzarella. Pesto To Go is a flavorful addition to grilling and BBQ’s. It can also be used in a cold pasta salad and as a complement on bruschetta. The pestobilities are endless!

Convenience is synonymous with Romarsi. If you find yourself with little time to prepare meals, then Romarsi’s signature Pesto To Go is perfect for you.

You provide the entrée, we’ll provide the topping. Keep life simple. Follow the Mediterranean diet. Pesto To Go uses no preservatives and is cholesterol free. It’s low in fat and calories and high in antioxidants. It’s fresh and healthy – not cooked and jarred.


Thank you for your interest, and here’s to eating something nutritious and delicious!

-Mary Silvestri, Owner and Founder


FrancescoMy father, Francesco, followed the tradition of growing basil from seeds of the previous year, and I continued the tradition with my own family.

Watching my grandfather and father, I gained a deep appreciation for gardening. Every time I enter this realm, the aroma of my basil transcends my senses into a gourmet delight.

Mary and Ernestina

Mary and Ernestina

Ernestina, my mother, introduced me to her recipe for pesto. I loved eating it as a child and still enjoy the “essence” of pesto. I began making pesto for my family several years ago and haven’t stopped. My children, who are particular with their greens, delight in the savory flavor and ask for seconds of spaghetti with pesto.

My passion for gardening has inspired me to teach the art and science to children so they can create their own tradition and enjoy the experience of growing a natural-organic garden, benefiting both their health and environment.

We are excited about our entrepreneur workshops held at Montclair State University for MBA students. We speak to graduate students about starting their own business and offer advice to those just starting out.

Pesto & Italy

pi1Basil, a member of the mint family, originated in India and was brought to the Mediterranean by way of spice routes many years ago.

It is an annual herb that relieves indigestion, inflammation and migraines and is known to have a calming effect. It contains vitamins C and K, iron, calcium, and potassium. In Italy, pesto was used as a symbol of love.

Pesto is rooted in Genoa, Italy, in the scenic province of Liguria.

It dates back to the 16th century as the oldest oily sauce. Ligurian sailors, wanting a change from fish and spicy foods, preferred home grown herbs and vegetables from the Ligurian countryside.

It is not unusual to find potted basil on windowsills facing the seaside in Genoa and other parts of Italy.

pi4The word “pesto” originates from the word “pestare”, to pound or bruise. Originally pesto was made using a mortar and pestle releasing more of the oils from the basil to give a silkier consistency to the pesto.

Thanks to Romarsi, we now have the convenience of Pesto To Go.

“Romarsi Pesto is the best pesto I’ve ever tasted! Even traveling through Italy, your pesto is most delicious.”  Marina, Bradenton, FL