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Good Food NJ

GFNJ Product Review- Romarsi Pesto Rated: Pesto, finding a great one is not all that easy. Taste, freshness, shelf-life, in the past you may have sacrificed one for the other. Since discovering Romarsi  Pesto at a farmers market in Rivers Edge, no longer will choices need to be made. Sampling their Basil Pesto on a ready for…
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The Picky Eater

PESTO PERFECTION I THOUGHT I WAS an expert at making my own pesto. I had giant basil plants, excellent olive oil, authentic Parmesan and pine nuts. My pesto was good. Then I opened a tub of Romarsi Pesto To Go basil pesto and stirred it into a serving of pasta. So good. Less oily, richer and…
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Cuisine Noir

Must Haves Pesto Perfecto If you love to cook, then you know that sometimes we can become a bit of a snob when it comes to buying store products that just don't taste as fresh or flavorful.  That wasn't the case with Romarsi's Pesto To Go.  When we opened the container, we could smell the fresh basil and…
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